Tuesday, 16 August 2011

GM - Breaking Benjamin: I Will Not Bow

Track: I Will Not Bow
Year Released: 2009
Director: N/A
Genre: Alternative Mental
Main Audience: 15-24year old males

  • This music video is very stereotypical of the alternative metal/rock genres. All the members of the band are dressed in plain black clothing which reflects the darkness of the song, especially the lyrics. Both the costume and the setting in the background of the video are very simple which allows the audience to focs on the music and the band themselves.

  • This is a performance video with a variety of camera shots and angles used. A pan and tilt has been used to move from each performer, these shots are close ups to show the emotion which will hopefully be transferred to the viewer as they are watching. In some places ECU's of the singers mouths are included, especially when attention is to be drawn to specific lyrics. Wide shots of the entire band and their equipment are also intregrated into the sequences. The camera tracks, following the lead singer walk along the wall of  windows. This provides a great contrast of colours as the band members wearing black are them illuminated by the huge amounts of light flooding in through the floor-ceiling windows. Close ups of the instruments have also been used.

  • The band is fully male and no women have been included in the video therefore there is no female gaze, this could comprimise their possible audience however in this case I do not think it would be appropriate to include one in this video.

  • Props - performance equipment, studio, lighting, instruments.

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