Tuesday, 16 August 2011

GM - Beyonce: If I Were A Boy

Artist: Beyonce

Track: If I Were A Boy
Year Released: 2008
Director: Jake Nava
Genre: RnB
Main Audience: 15-24 year olds,  female

  • The video was filmed in black and white in the centre of New York. The fact that it is in black and white I feel is very important, it is almost representing how she is drained of emotions and tired - this reflects the lyrics. Filming without colour makes the video seem rather simple. This contrasts with the lyrics and the situation she is in which are very complex and complicated.
  • The main audience if for females as they are most likely to be able to relate.
  • This video is 'both compelling and reflective of the independant woman stance she has exhibited throught most of her career'

Knowles explained the video is mainly about all the little things that are vital in a relationship and that it would depict common things that men do to hurt their significant others, like not answering their phone. It portrays a narrative about an ordinary day for a couple (played by NFL player Eddie Goines as the male character and Knowles as the female one) in a role reversal that is hinted at by the lyrics. This is visually revealed only at the end of the video where we get to realise that the husband is a cop and what the female character has been doing throughout the video is what the male character has had actually done to her all along. Knowles explained that when viewers would first see it from a different perspective, her behavior seemed more abnormal. And when they would realise that it was the guy doing everything she just did in the previous scenes, it becomes all too familiar.

  • There are aspects of both male and females gazes as both of the actors involved are attractive.
  • All of the editing of the music video has been done using straight cuts, there are no transitions. This keeps it straight to the point and serious.
  • The costumes that are used fit in with the narrative however when Beyonce is dressed in the police uniform it is almost like she is being de-sexualised. This is stereotypically seen as a very manly job.

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