Friday, 20 April 2012

Evaluation Q4

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Evaluation Q3

What have you learned from your target audience?

One of the ways we recieved feedback on our target audience for the products is by showing a powerpoint we made to a number of people who fit within the primary and secondary categories that we have made. This can be seen below.

Here is the images from the powerpoint that we showed them:

Olly Murs: The image on slide 1

Justin Timberlake: The image on slide 2 

James Blunt: The image on slide 3

George Michael: The image on slide 4

Robbie's first album 'Life Through A Lens':
The image on slide 5

Robbie's most recent album 'Reality
Killed The Video Star':
The image on slide 6

Evaluation Q2

How effective is the combination of your main media product and ancillary texts?

Evaluation Q1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

ALL - Final Cut

This is our final cut for our music video. The changes we have made since the last version can be seen at our previous feedback blogpost.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

ALL - Rough Cut 7 feedback

Audience: We showed this version of the rough cut to members of our A2 media class (all aged 17/18years old). This is an ideal audience to show the rough cut to because it fits within our primary target audience for the music video of 15-24year olds. Our teacher also gave us some feedback on this version of our music video and he in in keeping with our secondary target audience. In addition to this we showed it to adults at home who also fit with our secondary audience of original Robbie Williams followers from his time in Take That and when he first launched his solo career.
  • Switch the clip with the spoons in the bowl and the i <3 U
  • Used I <3 U twice so take out the first one
  • performance on the rocks - zoe needs to come on screen quicker after sophie fades out
  • when katie and nathan are holding hands by the window the shot shakes a lot
  • add more crossfades between shots
  • dull ending - change the light to blowing out candles. layer robbie and 3 gens fading in/out

ALL - Final Magazine Ad

This is our final magazine advert. Since our last draft we have just changed the name of the concert listed from Knebworth to Twickenham.

ALL - Magazine Ad Draft 4

This is our final mag ad. After doing the improvements suggested, for example, adding spaces and making the Facebook and Twitter pages for Robbie's, we think this is a lot better before.

Overall this works a lot better, the text is better lined and the font works well. There is enough detail to tell the audience what they want to know. It will relate to our primary audience which is 15-25 females because there is still the attractive Robbie and the link between the music video and the big 1 will relate to all audiences that have seen the video.

We showed this nearly complete version of the magazine advert to both A2 media students (aged 17/18years old) who fit within our primary target audience of 15-24years old but also to some adults at home who fit within the secondary target audience of original Robbie followers who will remember his time in Take That and when he first launched his solo career.

ALL - Final Digipak

This is the front cover for our digipak. We made a few corrections like putting the DVD logo on

This is our back cover.

This is our middle part, I deleted the leg that was underneath the arm so it more obvious what it is.

This is the spine, I changed the font colour to White after the feedback we got saying the black on black was clear enough, this also now fits in with the white theme
Overall it is asthetically pleasing and is a lot better than the draft before, although the inner is similar is still doesn't work as well as we though