Thursday, 18 August 2011

GM - 30 Seconds to Mars: Kings and Queens

Artist: 30 Seconds to Mars
Track: Kings and Queens
Year Released: 2009
Director: Jared Leto with the pseudonym of Bartholomew Cubbins
Genre: Rock
Main Audience: 15-24years old

• The video begins with an establishing shot of the skyline of Los Angeles city under the orange of the sunset sky.
• Following this shot we see a group of people silhuetted against the sun which is orange. A slow motion effect has been added here and this shot then jump cuts to a close up of the head of a microphone again with the sunset as the backdrop. The lead singers face then enters the frame from the right hand side, silhuetted. Still in slow motion
• The next shot is off the band set up on a roof but the intruments are mimicing the skyline the video opened with.
• This is a concept video with performance shot cut into it.
• A huge group are cycling towards the camera around the city at night. Some are dressed up, others are in everyday clothing.
• female gaze could be seen with the male band members however i dont think that this is a key feature that was considered for the music video itself, it is just a coincidence that they are attractive.
• lots of slow motion has been used
• video is edited fairly slow paced compared to some other that i have recently looked at
• Lighting is evidently a key part of the video with the sunset being the main setting and most of the filming done in the dark. also when they ride past the theme park that is all lit u
• This video is very repetitive.

Kings And Queens - 30 Seconds To Mars from JackChan on Vimeo.

GM - Panic! at the Disco: Ballad of Mona Lisa

Artist: Panic! at the Disco
Track: Ballad of Mona Lisa
Year Released: 2011
Director: Shane Drake
Genre: Alternative rock/punk
Main Audience: 15-24year olds
  •  This video is very similar to their well known song from a previous album 'I write sins not tragedies', especially the opening 7 seconds of the top hats and clothing covered in cobwebs as well as the locations of the video later on.
  • It is a narrative video
  • Lots of close ups of the main singer looking straight to camera as he lipsyncs.
  • At 22s there is a title on the page saying 'Rule #1 OPEN A WINDOW' The camera then zooms in on this action being carried out.
  • A special effect has been used which looks like the clip has been moved but it is still staggered across the screen.
  • Elaborate costumes have been used in this video which are expected to be seen in many videos of this genre. All makeup is very over exaggerated as well.
  • Lots of establishing shots have been used in order to help the audience understand what is going on.
  • As the chorus begins to play, the video cuts into performance but all of the equipment and the band members fit into the narrative scene.
  • There is an element of male/female gaze in this video as the band and the extra women are attractive however this video is rather theatrical so this is not the main focus. No body is exposed.

Panic! At The Disco - The Ballad of Mona Lisa from yakove on Vimeo.

GM - 3 Doors Down: Here Without You

Artist: 3 Doors Down 
Track: Here Without You
Year Released: 2003
Director: -
Genre: Alternative Rock
Main Audience:

• The establishing shot of the video is an over the shoulder close up shot of the main singer who appears to be saying goodbye to a woman that he loves. Her hair is blowing in the wind which is rather stereotypical of females in music videos. IT is confirmed that the woman is physically there rather than just a dream by the next shot which is the scene through the reflection of a mirror.
• Next we see the other band mate entering the tour bus. This opening sequence is all in slow motion for effect compared to the remainder of the video.
• The garden bench swinging on its own which no one on it symbolises lonliness which I guess could be translated to how all the members of the band feel whilst they are on tour and away from their families. We see him walking away from his family playing in the paddling pool to go join his band on the bus.
• At 0.37 we jump cut to a wall of picture collages which the camera zooms out from. More details are revealed as more of the wall comes into the shot for example pictures of his wedding day.
• As the camera continues moving back, the microphone comes into shot, very close up.
• The main singer is then pictured in an armchair writing possibly a letter to the woman or the lyrics to this song as he sings appropriate lines as he writes. Here there are many close ups to show the emotion on his face.
• After this narrative section that lasted for the first 1min 10s the remainder of the music video is performance, however the room in the recording studio has been decorated with collages similar to those we saw earlier in the video.
• During this section there are many group shots of the band with some individual shots cut in. In many of these the band members look straight to camera.
• I personally think that there is no male or female gaze. It is not appropriate in this example.

"the main inspiration for this song was his now ex-wife. The song is about being away from someone and missing them, and it's not about how long you've gone, it's about the loneliness that comes with missing someone. It's also about a state of peace that comes with dreaming of the missed loved one."

GM - Bruno Mars: Nothin' On You

Artist:  B.o.B ft Bruno Mars
Year Released: 2010
Director: Ethan Lader
Genre: Pop
Main Audience: 15-24 year old females

  • This is a narrative video with section cut into it of B.O.B and Bruno Mars lip-syncing.
  • It is a very clever music video and it is different to all the other videos I have studied previously. The video features multiple collages of women taping over each other, in addition to a scene where B.o.B plays guitar and sings while Bruno Mars plays the drums.
"Here's How We Did It: We shot the video on a white sound stage. I edited it on Final Cut Pro. Then we printed out over 4,000 frames onto paper. Then every frame was hand torn by a team of 8 people. From there we animated the frames, photographing each frame with a digital camera, and then imported it back into Final Cut Pro. The backgrounds are also paper collages we took digital stills of and keyed in after animation. It was a process and a half!"

  • This is a love song of sorts, involving a heterosexual relationship. This is what the majority of females will be able to relate to especially as at 15 they are starting to experience relationships.
  • The 2 main performers are attractive so this could be seen as male gaze.
  • The majority of actresses in this video are either mixed race or black with a few Caucasians and people of Asian orientation.
  • The video is built up of close ups of the woman's faces and pans B.o.B in a long, wide shot for the high percentage of the rest of it.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

GM - Nicki Minaj: Superbass

Artist:  Nicki Minaj
Track: Super Bass
Year Released: 2011
Director: Sanaa Hamri
Genre: Pop
Main Audience: 15-24 year olds

  • Female gaze - Nicki is an attractive woman and some of the seens are rather sexually tempting for example when she is pouring the paint over her chest. This is a close up shot so the audience's attention is predominantly on that. Slow motion has also been used for this clip which makes t different to all the others previously and following which means it has more attention drawn to it as well. She is wearing very revealing outfits always focusing on the bust but towards the middle of the video she reveals a lot of leg as well.
  • It is a narrative and performance video - Nicki is lip-syncing the whole way through but some scenes literally show what the lyrics are saying ('Stacks on deck like you're saving up', image of wads of cash, 15 seconds into the video
  • A lot of pink is used which is considered a girly colour. It also makes her seem quite childish and gives her a sense of innocence, however when you put the lyrics and the video together and some of her later on screen actions we see that this is not the case.
  • All of the extras as well as herself are fairly young which i think affects the target audience. As well as this it is a very 'girly' video so it would appeal to females more than males.
  • There is a great variety of long and wide shots, close ups and tracks/pans. Editing is fairly quick paced to keep up with the specifics of the lyrics.

GM - Culture Club: Karma Chameleon

Artist: Culture Club 

Track: Karma Chameleon
Year Released: 1983
Director: -
Genre: pop
Main Audience: 25-34 year olds

Culture Club frontman Boy George explained: "The song is about the terrible fear of alienation that people have, the fear of standing up for one thing. It's about trying to suck up to everybody. Basically, if you aren't true, if you don't act like you feel, then you get Karma-justice, that's nature's way of paying you back"
  • Throughout the video both black and white people are shown dancing together. This shows total acceptance. There is also a mix of males and females.
  • The costumes that are used in the music video are very bright and vibrant colours - red, gold and green. You have to be confident to wear these colours so this links into the theme of the song about being yourself. A costume could also be seen as something you are able to hide behind.
  • It in a narrative performance video mainly focusing on frontman Boy George.
  • The older age of performers may influence the main target audience.
  • Variety of shot types and lengths not just close up and medium close ups which I have mainly seen in my research so far.

GM - Eminem: Love The Way You Lie

Artist: Eminem (ft Rihanna)
Track: Love The Way You Lie

Year Released: 2010
Director:  Joseph Kahn
Genre: Hip Hop
Main Audience: 15-24;/25-34 year olds

  • The audience has quite a wide audience due to the subject of the lyrics. I would say that it is probably older females that would be able to relate to this the best however the reputation of the artists from their previous releases attracts a younger audience. The element of rap included also makes it rather masculine.
  • The sequences of shots are cyclicle with both the opening and closing shot being the same, the couple lying on the bed. This represents how hard it is to escape an abusing relationship, a subject that is close to Rihanna's heart after her ordeal with Chris Brown (singer)
  • There is definately an element of female gaze in this music video. Megan Fox is regarded a sex symbol and she is semi clothed in a few of these scenes. Rihanna is also very attractive and Dom could be concidered for male gaze.
  • The music video for this song is both performance and narrative based. Megan and Dom  act out the narrative which intercuts Eminem and Rihanna's performance scenes that they lipsync in.
  • With all the fire i think that many special effects have been used. This will drastically raise the budget of the music video as well as the appearance fees for Megan Fox.

The video sparked controversy for explicitly and overtly using domestic violence as a principal theme. Speculation arose from comparisons of the video with Eminem's and Rihanna's past relationships with Kimberly Mathers and Chris Brown, respectively. Stephanie Nilva—executive director of sexual assault and trauma resource center, Day One—told MTV News that "The most important thing the video is doing is raising the topic of dating violence among young people", praising the video clip for its accurate depiction of patterns in a love-hate relationship.

GM - Beyonce: If I Were A Boy

Artist: Beyonce

Track: If I Were A Boy
Year Released: 2008
Director: Jake Nava
Genre: RnB
Main Audience: 15-24 year olds,  female

  • The video was filmed in black and white in the centre of New York. The fact that it is in black and white I feel is very important, it is almost representing how she is drained of emotions and tired - this reflects the lyrics. Filming without colour makes the video seem rather simple. This contrasts with the lyrics and the situation she is in which are very complex and complicated.
  • The main audience if for females as they are most likely to be able to relate.
  • This video is 'both compelling and reflective of the independant woman stance she has exhibited throught most of her career'

Knowles explained the video is mainly about all the little things that are vital in a relationship and that it would depict common things that men do to hurt their significant others, like not answering their phone. It portrays a narrative about an ordinary day for a couple (played by NFL player Eddie Goines as the male character and Knowles as the female one) in a role reversal that is hinted at by the lyrics. This is visually revealed only at the end of the video where we get to realise that the husband is a cop and what the female character has been doing throughout the video is what the male character has had actually done to her all along. Knowles explained that when viewers would first see it from a different perspective, her behavior seemed more abnormal. And when they would realise that it was the guy doing everything she just did in the previous scenes, it becomes all too familiar.

  • There are aspects of both male and females gazes as both of the actors involved are attractive.
  • All of the editing of the music video has been done using straight cuts, there are no transitions. This keeps it straight to the point and serious.
  • The costumes that are used fit in with the narrative however when Beyonce is dressed in the police uniform it is almost like she is being de-sexualised. This is stereotypically seen as a very manly job.

GM - Breaking Benjamin: I Will Not Bow

Track: I Will Not Bow
Year Released: 2009
Director: N/A
Genre: Alternative Mental
Main Audience: 15-24year old males

  • This music video is very stereotypical of the alternative metal/rock genres. All the members of the band are dressed in plain black clothing which reflects the darkness of the song, especially the lyrics. Both the costume and the setting in the background of the video are very simple which allows the audience to focs on the music and the band themselves.

  • This is a performance video with a variety of camera shots and angles used. A pan and tilt has been used to move from each performer, these shots are close ups to show the emotion which will hopefully be transferred to the viewer as they are watching. In some places ECU's of the singers mouths are included, especially when attention is to be drawn to specific lyrics. Wide shots of the entire band and their equipment are also intregrated into the sequences. The camera tracks, following the lead singer walk along the wall of  windows. This provides a great contrast of colours as the band members wearing black are them illuminated by the huge amounts of light flooding in through the floor-ceiling windows. Close ups of the instruments have also been used.

  • The band is fully male and no women have been included in the video therefore there is no female gaze, this could comprimise their possible audience however in this case I do not think it would be appropriate to include one in this video.

  • Props - performance equipment, studio, lighting, instruments.

  • GM - Nickelback: Rockstar

    Artist: Nickelback
    Track: Rockstar
    Year Released: 2005
    Director: Dori Oskowitx
    Genre: Rock
    Main Audience: 15-24/25-34year olds, male and female

    • The music video for this song consists of a variety of different people lip syncing. It includes both celebrities and everyday people. This is quite an abstract video for Nickelback, a rock band, as the majority of their videos are performance and the band star heavily in them, this particular one we only see them at the end.
    • There was no stereotypical headbanging or shots of the guitars and close ups of the band which would usually be expected from them.
    • There is a clear connection between the video and the lyrics as some scenes relate for example the lines 'playboy bunnies with their bleach blonde hair' and 'keys to the playboy mansion' feature payboy bunnies lipsyncing those lines.
    • The song is all about aspirations of becoming a rock star and I think that the director has made a point of this by using both celebrities who have achieved their dreams such as Nelly Furtado and non-celebrities who perhaps haven't reached them yet.
    • There is some male gaze (the playboy bunnies)
    • A variety of ages perform in the video which reaches out to a wider target audience.
    • It is mainly close ups and medium close ups with the film edited fairly fast paced in order to keep up with the lyrics. The lipsyncing must match in each clip.

    GM - Peter Gabriel: Sledgehammer

    Artist: Peter Gabriel
    Track: Sledgehammer
    Year Released: 1986
    Genre: Rock, Funk, Soul
    Main Audience: 15-24years old

    • Out of Godwin's 3 rules, the music video to 'Sledgehammer' is a concept video however some parts of the animations do match the lyrics to the song (mainly between 0.54s-1.38s). The use of animation has added creativity and entertainment to the short production.
    • I think that the main audience for this video is for people between the ages of 15 and 24. The video probably appeals to males more than females, perhaps a 70/30 split however the use of animation could extend to a slightly younger audience or even a slightly older one, it has few boundaries on age unlike other examples of music videos.

  • A selection of the footage used is edited to match what is said in the lyrics of the song, as part of parallel editing.

    • The majority of the video is a close up or extreme close up of Peter's face as the animations go on around him. There is a lack of locations because of the style of video. There are also very few extras. All of the effects have been added through the editing process.


      GM - Patrick Wolf: The City

      Artist: Patrick Wolf
      Track: The City
      Year Released: 2011
      Director: Kinga Burza
      Genre: Indie Pop
      Main Audience: 15-24year olds, both male and female

      • I feel that the main audience for this video is 15-24year olds. This is influenced by the age of the artist and the actors in the film sequences. It appeals to both male and female fans because the lyrics are not gender specific and the locations and actions that appear in the video represent having fun, something which every young adult can relate to. There is also a variety of races within the cast.
      • The lyrics are talking about love which could have many different meanings - Patrick Wolf talking to Digital Spy says

      "It's saying that no matter how homeless, poor or jobless we are, we won't let that affect our love and relationships." The video itself presents love as a hetrosexual romance with a group of young males and females frolicking on the beach, including numerous kisses and other romantic gestures.

      • The mise en scene is inkeeping with the pop genre but in this video it is presented in a more individual way, fitting in with the storyline. The common convention of the use of bright colours and flashing lights are taken from the fairground rides. These are used in both long establishing shots and close ups.

      • The costumes included in the music video are not what I would necessarily call 'everyday' clothing, they are all fairly outgoing and certainly demonstrate and indie influence which fits in very well with the genre of the music. The female characters are in minimal clothing; short skirts, bikinis, shorts and white tops that go see through when they are wet. One of the frames is of a young woman topless, holding a hat over her chest. This attracts the male audience. I think that there is less of an influence with female gaze in this video however the artist is onscreen for the majority of the videos, making direct eye contact with the camera.

      • The editing of this music video is rathe fast paced made up of a variety of shot types and lengths. There are long establishing shots to capture all of the action on the beach but close ups of the casts faces to see the enjoyment and chemistry between the sexes. Pans and tilts have been used to move to each actor(ess) and this camera method also shows off the backdrop location as it turns. The shots have been edited using jumpcuts, mainly from the artists performance on the beach to the extras running around having fun. In some sections the clips have even been edited to change with the beat of the song (for example 0.32s-035s). Jump cuts have also been made between the action on the beach to shots of the scenary for example a 360 degree low angle shot of the buildings or looking up at the trees. 

      • The lighting in the establishing shot has been considered thoroughly. It has been shot at sunset which is often thought to be the most romantic time of the day, thus supporting the message of the song lyrics. The other frames of the video are very busy however this one is slow and isolated, just Patrick walking along the beach with the fairground in the distance.

      GM - Madonna: Material Girl

      Artist: Madonna
      Track: Material Girl
      Year Released: 1985
      Director: Mary Lambert
      Genre: Pop
      Main Audience: 15-24years old, both male and female

      • The wider genre of this music video is Pop however the synth arrangements and the robotic voice alterations bring it into the New Wave.
      • I think that the main audience is for 15-24year olds however it could extend to 15-34years old including mature youths. The video is appealing for both males and females for a variety of reasons. The performers in the video are fairly young which means the audience will be able to relate and also aspire to the artist.
      • Madonna is the only female on screen (wearing pink), surrounded by males dressed in smart suits. This makes her stand out. The dress is long but tight and low cut around the cleavage which is providing male gaze. In addition to this Madonna is blonde, young, attractive, wearing red lipstick and makes frequent eye contact, seductively, to the camera. This video also attracts a strong female audience, women may aspire to be like her and be able to relate to the assumptions of what the women want from a relationship.
      • It presents an example of heterosexual romance as she dances and flirts with many of the males onset, with the video ending with a kiss.
      • The music video doesn't meet all the expected codes and conventions as there is a lack of variety of locations. The background is very simple so all the attention of the viewer is on her. It is also pink which could be seen as stereotypically 'girly'.
      • It is a narrative performance which has opted to include diagetic sound - at the beginning (0.00s-0.32s) there are scenes without any music to explain what is going on and to start the narrative.
      • In comparison to other music videos the editing of this one is fairly slow paced. Many of the shots are long, with little variation in shot type. Close ups and medium close ups have been used to
        focus on Madonna's chest and mouth, the more suductive areas of her which attracts the male audience. Other close ups of her face have also been included to convey her emotions. Extreme close ups have been used to emphasis significant props for example the jewellery.
      • Few effects have been added during the editing process however in the opening scenes whilst she is in her dressing room the room appears lighter with a white screen over it. This could have been chosen to highlight the fact that it is a dream.
      • Intertextuality has been used within the video with  Marilyn Monroe (Madonna: top image, Monroe: bottom image). It was after the release of this music video that Madonna was regularly compared to her. -
      "The music video was inspired by Madonna's admiration of Marilyn Monroe and mimicked the latter's performance of the song "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" from the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." Wikipedia