Thursday, 18 August 2011

GM - Bruno Mars: Nothin' On You

Artist:  B.o.B ft Bruno Mars
Year Released: 2010
Director: Ethan Lader
Genre: Pop
Main Audience: 15-24 year old females

  • This is a narrative video with section cut into it of B.O.B and Bruno Mars lip-syncing.
  • It is a very clever music video and it is different to all the other videos I have studied previously. The video features multiple collages of women taping over each other, in addition to a scene where B.o.B plays guitar and sings while Bruno Mars plays the drums.
"Here's How We Did It: We shot the video on a white sound stage. I edited it on Final Cut Pro. Then we printed out over 4,000 frames onto paper. Then every frame was hand torn by a team of 8 people. From there we animated the frames, photographing each frame with a digital camera, and then imported it back into Final Cut Pro. The backgrounds are also paper collages we took digital stills of and keyed in after animation. It was a process and a half!"

  • This is a love song of sorts, involving a heterosexual relationship. This is what the majority of females will be able to relate to especially as at 15 they are starting to experience relationships.
  • The 2 main performers are attractive so this could be seen as male gaze.
  • The majority of actresses in this video are either mixed race or black with a few Caucasians and people of Asian orientation.
  • The video is built up of close ups of the woman's faces and pans B.o.B in a long, wide shot for the high percentage of the rest of it.

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