Monday, 27 February 2012

ALL - Magazine Ad Draft 1

This is the first draft of our magazine ad that we created in Photoshop Elements 4.0. We showed this to our teacher who is part of our secondary audience but also to some colleagues in our A2 media student class who are aged 17/18 and part of our core target audience.

1 comment:

  1. needs some rescaling so text along bottom can be tinkered with (and also more in scale with robbie? leaning against the 1 works well)
    product shot looks like its mistakenly part of the 1
    tried layering a rural shot behind instead of plain colour?
    shots inside the 1 more effective if cropped, and not blocks (as discussed with jess; admittedly thats an ideal, maybe not practical now)
    dont stack up the QR code + nuMusic logo - opp sides
    if putting a date on, make it may or june
    linking robbie +regen good idea, but plain font/style lets this down
    not sure about 'pre-order...' BUT good idea to show an exclusive offer thru website (maybe digipak contains an exclusive priority booking code for upcoming tour, something like that, too?)
    some info on rw's record to go with the 1 theme? (amount of no.1s singles/albums, biggest concert.....)


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