Tuesday, 16 August 2011

GM - Nicki Minaj: Superbass

Artist:  Nicki Minaj
Track: Super Bass
Year Released: 2011
Director: Sanaa Hamri
Genre: Pop
Main Audience: 15-24 year olds

  • Female gaze - Nicki is an attractive woman and some of the seens are rather sexually tempting for example when she is pouring the paint over her chest. This is a close up shot so the audience's attention is predominantly on that. Slow motion has also been used for this clip which makes t different to all the others previously and following which means it has more attention drawn to it as well. She is wearing very revealing outfits always focusing on the bust but towards the middle of the video she reveals a lot of leg as well.
  • It is a narrative and performance video - Nicki is lip-syncing the whole way through but some scenes literally show what the lyrics are saying ('Stacks on deck like you're saving up', image of wads of cash, 15 seconds into the video
  • A lot of pink is used which is considered a girly colour. It also makes her seem quite childish and gives her a sense of innocence, however when you put the lyrics and the video together and some of her later on screen actions we see that this is not the case.
  • All of the extras as well as herself are fairly young which i think affects the target audience. As well as this it is a very 'girly' video so it would appeal to females more than males.
  • There is a great variety of long and wide shots, close ups and tracks/pans. Editing is fairly quick paced to keep up with the specifics of the lyrics.

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