Tuesday, 16 August 2011

GM - Eminem: Love The Way You Lie

Artist: Eminem (ft Rihanna)
Track: Love The Way You Lie

Year Released: 2010
Director:  Joseph Kahn
Genre: Hip Hop
Main Audience: 15-24;/25-34 year olds

  • The audience has quite a wide audience due to the subject of the lyrics. I would say that it is probably older females that would be able to relate to this the best however the reputation of the artists from their previous releases attracts a younger audience. The element of rap included also makes it rather masculine.
  • The sequences of shots are cyclicle with both the opening and closing shot being the same, the couple lying on the bed. This represents how hard it is to escape an abusing relationship, a subject that is close to Rihanna's heart after her ordeal with Chris Brown (singer)
  • There is definately an element of female gaze in this music video. Megan Fox is regarded a sex symbol and she is semi clothed in a few of these scenes. Rihanna is also very attractive and Dom could be concidered for male gaze.
  • The music video for this song is both performance and narrative based. Megan and Dom  act out the narrative which intercuts Eminem and Rihanna's performance scenes that they lipsync in.
  • With all the fire i think that many special effects have been used. This will drastically raise the budget of the music video as well as the appearance fees for Megan Fox.

The video sparked controversy for explicitly and overtly using domestic violence as a principal theme. Speculation arose from comparisons of the video with Eminem's and Rihanna's past relationships with Kimberly Mathers and Chris Brown, respectively. Stephanie Nilva—executive director of sexual assault and trauma resource center, Day One—told MTV News that "The most important thing the video is doing is raising the topic of dating violence among young people", praising the video clip for its accurate depiction of patterns in a love-hate relationship.

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