Thursday, 18 August 2011

GM - 3 Doors Down: Here Without You

Artist: 3 Doors Down 
Track: Here Without You
Year Released: 2003
Director: -
Genre: Alternative Rock
Main Audience:

• The establishing shot of the video is an over the shoulder close up shot of the main singer who appears to be saying goodbye to a woman that he loves. Her hair is blowing in the wind which is rather stereotypical of females in music videos. IT is confirmed that the woman is physically there rather than just a dream by the next shot which is the scene through the reflection of a mirror.
• Next we see the other band mate entering the tour bus. This opening sequence is all in slow motion for effect compared to the remainder of the video.
• The garden bench swinging on its own which no one on it symbolises lonliness which I guess could be translated to how all the members of the band feel whilst they are on tour and away from their families. We see him walking away from his family playing in the paddling pool to go join his band on the bus.
• At 0.37 we jump cut to a wall of picture collages which the camera zooms out from. More details are revealed as more of the wall comes into the shot for example pictures of his wedding day.
• As the camera continues moving back, the microphone comes into shot, very close up.
• The main singer is then pictured in an armchair writing possibly a letter to the woman or the lyrics to this song as he sings appropriate lines as he writes. Here there are many close ups to show the emotion on his face.
• After this narrative section that lasted for the first 1min 10s the remainder of the music video is performance, however the room in the recording studio has been decorated with collages similar to those we saw earlier in the video.
• During this section there are many group shots of the band with some individual shots cut in. In many of these the band members look straight to camera.
• I personally think that there is no male or female gaze. It is not appropriate in this example.

"the main inspiration for this song was his now ex-wife. The song is about being away from someone and missing them, and it's not about how long you've gone, it's about the loneliness that comes with missing someone. It's also about a state of peace that comes with dreaming of the missed loved one."

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