Tuesday, 16 August 2011

GM - Nickelback: Rockstar

Artist: Nickelback
Track: Rockstar
Year Released: 2005
Director: Dori Oskowitx
Genre: Rock
Main Audience: 15-24/25-34year olds, male and female

  • The music video for this song consists of a variety of different people lip syncing. It includes both celebrities and everyday people. This is quite an abstract video for Nickelback, a rock band, as the majority of their videos are performance and the band star heavily in them, this particular one we only see them at the end.
  • There was no stereotypical headbanging or shots of the guitars and close ups of the band which would usually be expected from them.
  • There is a clear connection between the video and the lyrics as some scenes relate for example the lines 'playboy bunnies with their bleach blonde hair' and 'keys to the playboy mansion' feature payboy bunnies lipsyncing those lines.
  • The song is all about aspirations of becoming a rock star and I think that the director has made a point of this by using both celebrities who have achieved their dreams such as Nelly Furtado and non-celebrities who perhaps haven't reached them yet.
  • There is some male gaze (the playboy bunnies)
  • A variety of ages perform in the video which reaches out to a wider target audience.
  • It is mainly close ups and medium close ups with the film edited fairly fast paced in order to keep up with the lyrics. The lipsyncing must match in each clip.

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