Wednesday, 29 February 2012

ALL - Rough Cut 5

ALL - Digipak draft 3

We showed this to our teacher who is part of our secondary audience and an original follower of Robbie Williams, remembering his time in Take That and when he first launched his solo career. We also showed this to some students in Year 13 who are part of our primary audience as they are aged 18years old.

Front cover
Back cover

GM - Magazine Ad draft 3

This is the 3rd draft for our mgazine ad. We showed this to our teacher who is part of our secondary audience and he provided us with some feedback of what we could change. Since the last one we have changed:

  • the font for the text
  • some of the wording for the product

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

GM - Magazine Ad draft 2

This is the 2nd draft for our mgazine ad. Since the last one we have changed:
  • the background
  • the presentation of the date
  • we have removed the image of the product we are advertising
  • altered the text that accompanies the product
  • added a list of his number ones
  • Changed the layout of Robbie and Regeneration
By using only 'Robbie' instead of 'Robbie Williams' we are developing the conventions of magazines ads that we have researched.

We no longer need the image of the digipak itself because there is a clear connection between the two, in this case with Robbie leaning on the 1 which has replaced the lampost that is seen in the digipak.

We showed it to the same audience as the previous draft to see if the reactions of our primary and secondary audiences were the same as last time.

ALL - Applying our vid to exam

  • fairy skirt shows her innocence
  • two shot - indicates at a relationship between them
  • antique mise-en-scene and wooden floor - time period/higher class
  • red table and chairs (plastic) - less expensive - child friendly
  • felt tip pens - indication of age
  • pink top on the girl - 'girly girl'
  • white tights - impractical, colour of innocence and purity
  • no make up - not appropriate for the age

Monday, 27 February 2012

ALL - Magazine Ad Draft 1

This is the first draft of our magazine ad that we created in Photoshop Elements 4.0. We showed this to our teacher who is part of our secondary audience but also to some colleagues in our A2 media student class who are aged 17/18 and part of our core target audience.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

ALL - Rough Cut 4

This is our latest rough cut. We have tried the layering of the different generations walking and it has sort of worked however we had to change the picture size in final cut and now they are not all the same. This has given it a jumpy effect.

JT - Robbie's Profile in 2012 so far

  • Robbie Williams is releasing his new album while "tucked away at the top of a mountain". The pop star, who is currently working on his ninth solo studio album and his first since 2009's Reality Killed the Video Star
  • He's released a 2012 calender, "Featuring thirteen glossy pictures of Robbie at his finest, including a picture of him by him, it's guaranteed to make you smile every day next year. With beautiful colour and black & white photos from the last 12 months, including close-up shots from the mammoth Progress Live 2011 tour, backstage shots from video shoots and more, it's possibly the best calendar yet!" (Robbie Williams Official Fan Site). This information says it contains no topless shots etc so therefore the target audience of this is 30+ because it is more mature.
  • Planning a UK solo tour

JT - Robbie Williams' Brit History

BRITs Profile

BRITs 25 Best Song Award
2005 (Winner)

Best British Male
2003 (Winner)
2002 (Winner)
2001 (Winner)
1999 (Winner)
1998 (Nominee)

Best British Video
2001 (Winner)
2000 (Winner)
1999 (Winner)
2002 (Nominee)

Best British Single
2001 (Winner)
2000 (Winner)
1999 (Winner)
2002 (Nominee)
1998 (Nominee)

British Live Act
2007 (Nominee)

British Male Solo Artist
2006 (Nominee)
2010 (Nominee)

MasterCard British Album
2001 (Nominee)
1999 (Nominee)

Outstanding Contribution Award
2010 (Winner)

The BRITs Hits 30
2010 (Nominee)

Information found on

Being nominated and winner of many British awards show that his British fans have kept him going and voted for him. The target audience being 15-25 and the primary audience for the Brit awards being the same age shows.

JT - She's the One Original Vid

Artist: Robbie Williams

Track: She's The One
Year: 1999
Director: Dom Hawley and Nick Goffey
Genre: Pop/Soft Rock
Main Audience: 17-50
Type: Both narrative and performance

The fourth single, "She's the One", a cover of a track from World Party's album, Egyptology, became his second number one hit in the United Kingdom.[14] The single was released as a double a-side with "It's Only Us", the official theme for FIFA 2000. Williams featured in a campy and tongue-in-cheek music video where he was a figure skater. In the video he performs a backflip, which is actually illegal in competitive figure skating. The song went on to win a number of awards around the world, including a BRIT Award for Single of the Year and Best British Video in 2000, and it also won a Capital Radio Award for 'Best Single'.

Wikipedia 2011

The video starts off with a video type clip showing Robbie as the coach and his students winning. It the pans to him performing, sitting on the ice skating seats, this is a side angle. The team takes a tough knock when the lead male hurts his foot. There is then footage of Robbies childhood, showing him falling over and people laughing, the music then cuts off and shows an arena of people clapping Robbie and the female lead. They dance together and it's perfect, the camera always pans out so it's a long shot, this is because it isn't actually Robbie doing the lifting. There is then romantic lighting filled with shadows and spotlights, this sets the seen and signifies Robbies characters love for ice skating. He then does an amazing back flip whilst the other male looks on upset that it isn't him. They then win and soak up all the glory.

The video doesn't signify the lyrics that much, but the tones of the music is soft and like figure skating very smooth and graceful.

The primary audience for this video is 15-25 and the secondary audience is 30+. The female audience are most likely to watch this video because Robbie is a sex symbol and are most likely to relate to the lyrics of the song. We will not be using any elements from this video.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

JT - Miley Cyrus, a modern woman

This is a vodcast to show how Miley Cyrus, a teen girl, is shown in society.

JT - Class Vodcast Analysis

Over 3 lessons we have watched each others vodcasts and discussed them. Most of them were on codes and conventions.

Things I picked on during the lesson is Andy Rehfeidt who is known for death metal music with a twist, he uses the current big hits at the time and make them death metal, for example Rebecca Black and Britney Spears.

The common codes and coventions of music videos are:
  • Pace of editing
  • Short takes
  • Performance
  • Close Up, low angles of lead singer
  • Lip syncing
  • Diegetic intro to the song
Harry and Kyle Vodcast
  • Harry was looking at Hello by Martin Solveig, recently done by the class as a project and Kyle was looking at Afterlife by Avenge Sevenfold.
Martin Solveig - Hello
After watching the full 8 minute music video we picked up on a lot of details:
  • Dance song
  • Lyrics don't link in with the tennis theme of the video
  • Concept video
  • Upbeat
  • Shot Variation
  • Title, this is not a common convention of music videos, it is more like a film opening
  • Using media language of another format for example when the tennis star is looking through the door
  • The girls who are supporting are young, slim, low cut tops (gender representation, very glamerous)
Avenge Sevenfold - Afterlife
  • Narrative
  • Dark lighting
  • Dark clothing
  • Performance
  • Hard rock metal genre
  • Most of sub-genres of rock metals, use shadows and low key lighting
  • Simple video
  • Black and white
  • twists to afterlife
  • Narrative enigma
  • Mysterious and doesn't tell viewer
  • Leaves the person hanging
Tom and Rob's Vodcast
Tom was looking at Yonkers by Tyler The Creator and Rob was looking at Muse by Knights of Sydona.
Yonkers - Tyler The Creator
  • 1 man singing
  • Hand held cam
  • Man going insane
  • 2 shots
  • Long Take
Muse - Knights of Sydona
  • Made in 2006
  • High budget
  • Special effects, e.g, star wars
  • Had an online competition to spot the 15 film references
  • Male gaze
  • Few shots of the band
  • Lip syncing
  • Crane shots
  • Director Joseph Khan
  • Use multi-layering
Mel and Will
Mel was looking at Single Ladies by Beyonce and William was looking at Take Back The City by Snow Patrol.

Beyonce - Single Ladies
  • One continous shot, broken up
  • Close up
  • Long takes
  • Black and Whites
  • 15-24 audience, primary girls
  • Male gaze, post feminism
  • Performance
  • Lip syncing
  • Concept
  • Sex Symbol
  • Strong, independant female expressing her sexuality
  • R'n'B
Snow Patrol - Take The City
  • Performance/Narrative/Concept
  • 18-35 target audience
  • Competition for people to be in the video
  • Close up of lead singer
  • Stop motion shots
  • Shot in a pub, UK people
  • Clubs, interacting with each other
  • Rock, typical instruments
Sam and Ben VodcastSam looked at firestarter by The Prodigy and Ben looked perfect drug by Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails - Perfect Drug
  • Made in 1997
  • Director Mark Romak
  • Youth 15-24 audience
  • David Linch - Lost highway, the video is linked to this
  • Inspired byGustof Kilmet
  • Performance and concept
  • Some lines are referenced in video
  • Budget £1 million
The Prodigy - Firestarter
  • Fast pace
  • Strobe lighting
  • Scary video
  • Caused controversy

JT - Schedule

Our plan for this week and next week is to:

  • Have both the digipak and magazine ad completed
  • Get the final cut finished
  • Finish blogging
This week we are focusing on getting the digipak and magazine ad out of the way so we can focus on the final product. So this Saturday we are meeting up all day to catch up on blogging and hopefully finish our digipak and magazine ad.

JT - Rough Cut 4 Feedback

Audience: We showed this version of the rough cut to members of our A2 media class (all aged 17/18years old). This is an ideal audience to show the rough cut to because it fits within our primary target audience for the music video of 15-24year olds. 

In yesterdays lesson we got feedback on our rough cut 4:

  • Jack on the rocks (zoom, out of time)
  • Two pizza scenes
  • End gets faster then slower
  • Fade music
  • More footage at the end/slow down the existing footage
  • Jack :multiple images
  • Smaller layers of narrative
  • Performance on too long (leave first one)
  • Refilm performance
  • Shot distance
  • Fade into one another (narrative)
  • Artificial zoom
  • Zoom into a heart, transition to the next shot
  • mobile phone shot, bit awkward and out of place Flying: shot should be held longer to time in with music
  • Good layering
  • Intro of Jack gazing
  • Reflection in the tarn and throwing bread to the ducks
  • First perfromance: hard to see?
  • no order to the narrative, simple linear edit wont work

JT - Carol Vernallis

Carol Vernallis - Experiencing Music Videos (2004)
-As a musicologist, she stresses that the audio takes primacy over the video

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

ALL - Rough Cut 3 Feedback

Audience: We showed this version of the rough cut to members of our A2 media class (all aged 17/18years old). This is an ideal audience to show the rough cut to because it fits within our primary target audience for the music video of 15-24year olds. 

  • Experiement in a new document with fade ins etc
  • Jack at the begining, layer behind him of generations, fade on out after the other
  • Jack grinning
  • Drum beat, cut to the beat
  • Jack smiling part, mulitple layer
  • match shots up with lyrics
  • Bumshot, cut quickly (cross fade)
  • transitions
  • dont try and sequence it
  • shes the one focus on the girl
  • close up on katie flying, motion blur
  • Depeche mode vids rocks put a face on it- feathery
  • Multi layer kids dancing, ghost effect
  • More close up shots
  • Candle-further down each time we see it
  • Performance , more footage walking into the distance
  • Slow motion, ghosting, layering
  • New version of track

Sunday, 19 February 2012

ALL - Rough Cut 3

This is our third rough cut. In this version we have:
  • New MP3 to stop clicking
  • Wobble with camera on cake making shot
  • Cut down shot
  • Edited out some shaky footage - freeze frame, slow motion
  • Removed the Blackberry

Saturday, 18 February 2012

GM - Narrative theory in music vids

Narrative theories generally do appear in music videos. The narrative in music videos can be put into three main theories for analysis: Todorov (equilibrium, disequilibrium, new equilibrium), Propp (each character has a purpose - hero, sender, villain, reward etc), Strauss (the exploration of binary opposites).

An example of Todorov's theory in existing music video is in Hero by Enrique Iglesias.

Equilibrium - Enrique Iglesias and the girl (Jennifer Love Hewitt) are together and happy.

Dis-equilibrium - The car they are travelling in breaks down and they are attacked by a group of men.

New equilibrium - Enrique Iglesias dies however he knows that Jennifer Love Hewitt is safe away from the men.

A number of features within a music video help determine the theory. These include camera angles (close ups, low angles etc symbolise a hero as someone we look up to), mise-en-scene (rain for a sad scene).

Hero - Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Love Hewitt from TeamJayceeTy on Vimeo.

GM - Role of narrative in our vid

We have decided to include both narrative and performance footage in our music video for a number of reasons. First of all we though that is we only used performance then the audience would get bored very quickly as it was all the same. In addition to this it would have been very hard to film enough performance with just one person as Robbie to fill the 4 minutes 25 seconds of the song. Had our video been purely performance it would not been appropriate for repeat viewings.

The song we chose was 'She's the One' by Robbie Williams so, like the title suggests, we made sure that our narrative focuses on how the girl of our couple was 'the one'. We did this by showing them growing up together thoughout the video, starting at the young age of 6 through to the beginning of their adult life at 18. Our narrative ideas fit with the lyrics of the song therefore what you see on screen generally emphasises what is being said in the lyrics, presenting it in a way that makes sense to the audience.

Although we have included narrative in our music video, none of the footage that we have used really fits with any of the three narrative theories or Propp, Todorov or Strauss.

We have used flashbacks in our footage to the couple when they were younger. This is all part of the narrative explaining why 'She's the One'.

GM - Final Casting

Our final casting line up is as follows...

Generation 1 - John and Sophie (age 6/7)

Generation 2 - Zoe and Josh (age 13)

Generation 3 - Katie and Nathan (age 18, 21)

Robbie - Jack (age 18)

GM - Digipak draft 2

We showed this to our teacher who is part of our secondary audience and an original follower of Robbie Williams, remembering his time in Take That and when he first launched his solo career.

Front cover

Back cover

These are both unfinished with the lack of some extras such as copyright information because before we could finish them we recieved some feedback saying that the images we had chosen portrayed the music genre as country rather than pop, the genre that we are wanting to show.

  • The QR code is a fully working one, linking to our company blog, NUmusic, when it is scanned.
  • We have edited the twitter and facebook logos in Photoshop Elements 4.0 and made them greyscale because this fits in better with our digipak. The coloured versions of them would have looked out of place.
  • For our next design we are going to go back to the original font that we used for digipak draft 1 and we are going to crop the barcode down from the top because as it is currently it is too big.
We have planned a reshoot with our Robbie performer for the 21st February to get the new images that we need. He is going to be dressed in a suit as his costume for this draft is too informal. We are still going to try and go for the same scene but from the front and behind idea but this time of him in a tree.

GM - Digipak draft 1

We showed this to our teacher who is part of our secondary audience but also to some colleagues in our A2 media student class who are aged 17/18 and part of our core target audience. In addition to this we showed this version of the digipak to a small group of non media students in our year.

Front cover

Back cover
Flap 1 inside

Flap 1 outside
Flap 2 inside

Flap 2 outside
Middle panel

This is our first draft of our digipak. At this stage we have not added all the extras that should be seen on the covers such as copyright information and twitter and facebook logos. This is because for now we wasnted to ensure that the images we had chosen were the ones we were going to use and we were just playing around with them.We created these images in Photoshop Elements 4.0. The images are all freeze frames that we took from our music video clips. We chose the title font for the front cover because when we researched Robbie Williams CDs this was the type of font that he used. This was as close as we could get it as he uses thin, simple fonts.

Robbie Williams Escapology Album Cover E.g. of Robbie Williams font

For the images of the couples for each generation we used the gradient tool to fade out the edges. We kept the front cover in colour but changed the younger generations to black and white to symbolise that they are from a longer time ago and are the eldest generation when they were younger.

We did not use this image as our final one after conducting more research into digipaks we realised that a convention of them is to have the image fitting the entire front cover, not how we did it with it only a partial image. When we were creating our digipak we were trying to follow examples such as Linkin Park by having the front and back covers as the same scene but one taken from the front and the other from behind. However we received some feedback that in this case it was not working and also there was a lack of layering and effects.

ALL - Digipak Research

Jack Johnson : In between Dreams

-Special edition sticker
-Bonus track sticker
-Artist name
-Album title
-Graphic which carries on to the back

-Track listing on the left hand side
-Consistent font with the front
-Bar code
-Production logos
-Website of record company, Jack Johnson official and fan site
-Copyright information
-Picture of artist with guitar
-Booklet in a cut out slot

Paolo Nutini : Sunny Side Up

-Artist name
-Album name
-Cartoon picture of him eating eggs 'Sunny side up"

ALL - Music video directors

Vaughan Arnell 

  • Arnell was the director for Angels and Morning Sun which are two of Robbie Williams songs
    Robbie in a music video directed by Arnell

  • Angels was the first piece of work they worked on together  which then created a friendship and produced more collaborations
  • He only does British Music videos
  • He is also a T.V commercial director, with his work including some for Nestle and Levi's. Despite this he is mostly known for his music video work

The music videos he has produced for Robbie are:
  • Morning Sun - 2010
  • Bodies - 2009 -
  • Sin Sin Sin - 2006
  • Radio - 2004
  • Feel - 2002
  • Somethin' Stupid - 2001
  • The Road To Mandalay - 2001
  • Eternity  - 2001
  • Supreme - 2000
  • Rock DJ - 2000
  • Let Me Entertain You - 1998
  • Angels - 1997

Jake Nava 

Jake Nava
  • Produced the video for Lovelight (2006) for Robbie Williams
  • Nominated for Best Director in 2007 at MTV VMA's for Beyonce featuring Shakira - Beautiful Liar, And also for Video of the year 2007 by BET
  • Won a Grammy for best short form music video 2012 for Adele - Rolling in the deep
  • Produced the iconic video for Beyonces track Single Ladies, which got best video of the year (by BET 2009), video of the year (by MTV VMA 2009), video of the year (EMA 2009)
  • For Beyonce - Crazy in Love it won best female video and best r'n'b video at the VMA
  • Jake "often layers a coat of chic style over a rough-edged film scape
  • He has also done advertising including projects for Armarni, Bacardi and HSBC

Has worked with artists such as:
Beyonce's famous dance routine
Nava directed
  • Beyonce
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Robbie Williams
  • Spice Girls
  • Enrique Iglesias
  • Britney Spears
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Adele

Corin Hardy 
Corin Hardy 
  • Got his early career and gained filmed set experience in props and wardrobe on a varitey of films, t.v and theatre productions including Columbia Pictures "first knight"
  • He has also developed a number of his own horror based feature film projects
  • Produced videos for Heart Skips a Beat and Busy for Olly Murs, Olly is known as a younger Robbie Williams with his Cheeky approach and music style
  • Warriors Dance by the Prodigy won MVA 2009, nominated best dance and animation amongst other awards

Artists hes worked with:
Olly Murs 'Heart Skips A Beat' video
directed by Hardy 
  • Keane
  • Mcfly
  • Olly Murs
  • Paulo Nutini
  • Biffy Clyro
  • The Prodigy
  • The Feeling

    Wednesday, 15 February 2012

    ALL - Filming Performance Footage (part1)

    On the 31st January we filmed our performance at Ilkley Tarn. We also got the pictures for the digipak so are all set to start creating it.

    ALL - Layering on Final Cut

    For our music video we have decided to layer our three generation scenes onto some of our performance footage. We did this by:
    • Cropped the image down using the crop tool
    • We re-scaled the picture to make it smaller so it fit in the background
    • We used the centre tool to move the image around to where we wanted it on the screen
    • We lowered the opacity and feathered the edges so it blends in with the background