Tuesday, 16 August 2011

GM - Peter Gabriel: Sledgehammer

Artist: Peter Gabriel
Track: Sledgehammer
Year Released: 1986
Genre: Rock, Funk, Soul
Main Audience: 15-24years old

  • Out of Godwin's 3 rules, the music video to 'Sledgehammer' is a concept video however some parts of the animations do match the lyrics to the song (mainly between 0.54s-1.38s). The use of animation has added creativity and entertainment to the short production.
  • I think that the main audience for this video is for people between the ages of 15 and 24. The video probably appeals to males more than females, perhaps a 70/30 split however the use of animation could extend to a slightly younger audience or even a slightly older one, it has few boundaries on age unlike other examples of music videos.

  • A selection of the footage used is edited to match what is said in the lyrics of the song, as part of parallel editing.

    • The majority of the video is a close up or extreme close up of Peter's face as the animations go on around him. There is a lack of locations because of the style of video. There are also very few extras. All of the effects have been added through the editing process.


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