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JT - She's the One Original Vid

Artist: Robbie Williams

Track: She's The One
Year: 1999
Director: Dom Hawley and Nick Goffey
Genre: Pop/Soft Rock
Main Audience: 17-50
Type: Both narrative and performance

The fourth single, "She's the One", a cover of a track from World Party's album, Egyptology, became his second number one hit in the United Kingdom.[14] The single was released as a double a-side with "It's Only Us", the official theme for FIFA 2000. Williams featured in a campy and tongue-in-cheek music video where he was a figure skater. In the video he performs a backflip, which is actually illegal in competitive figure skating. The song went on to win a number of awards around the world, including a BRIT Award for Single of the Year and Best British Video in 2000, and it also won a Capital Radio Award for 'Best Single'.

Wikipedia 2011

The video starts off with a video type clip showing Robbie as the coach and his students winning. It the pans to him performing, sitting on the ice skating seats, this is a side angle. The team takes a tough knock when the lead male hurts his foot. There is then footage of Robbies childhood, showing him falling over and people laughing, the music then cuts off and shows an arena of people clapping Robbie and the female lead. They dance together and it's perfect, the camera always pans out so it's a long shot, this is because it isn't actually Robbie doing the lifting. There is then romantic lighting filled with shadows and spotlights, this sets the seen and signifies Robbies characters love for ice skating. He then does an amazing back flip whilst the other male looks on upset that it isn't him. They then win and soak up all the glory.

The video doesn't signify the lyrics that much, but the tones of the music is soft and like figure skating very smooth and graceful.

The primary audience for this video is 15-25 and the secondary audience is 30+. The female audience are most likely to watch this video because Robbie is a sex symbol and are most likely to relate to the lyrics of the song. We will not be using any elements from this video.

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