Saturday, 25 February 2012

JT - Rough Cut 4 Feedback

Audience: We showed this version of the rough cut to members of our A2 media class (all aged 17/18years old). This is an ideal audience to show the rough cut to because it fits within our primary target audience for the music video of 15-24year olds. 

In yesterdays lesson we got feedback on our rough cut 4:

  • Jack on the rocks (zoom, out of time)
  • Two pizza scenes
  • End gets faster then slower
  • Fade music
  • More footage at the end/slow down the existing footage
  • Jack :multiple images
  • Smaller layers of narrative
  • Performance on too long (leave first one)
  • Refilm performance
  • Shot distance
  • Fade into one another (narrative)
  • Artificial zoom
  • Zoom into a heart, transition to the next shot
  • mobile phone shot, bit awkward and out of place Flying: shot should be held longer to time in with music
  • Good layering
  • Intro of Jack gazing
  • Reflection in the tarn and throwing bread to the ducks
  • First perfromance: hard to see?
  • no order to the narrative, simple linear edit wont work

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