Saturday, 18 February 2012

GM - Digipak draft 1

We showed this to our teacher who is part of our secondary audience but also to some colleagues in our A2 media student class who are aged 17/18 and part of our core target audience. In addition to this we showed this version of the digipak to a small group of non media students in our year.

Front cover

Back cover
Flap 1 inside

Flap 1 outside
Flap 2 inside

Flap 2 outside
Middle panel

This is our first draft of our digipak. At this stage we have not added all the extras that should be seen on the covers such as copyright information and twitter and facebook logos. This is because for now we wasnted to ensure that the images we had chosen were the ones we were going to use and we were just playing around with them.We created these images in Photoshop Elements 4.0. The images are all freeze frames that we took from our music video clips. We chose the title font for the front cover because when we researched Robbie Williams CDs this was the type of font that he used. This was as close as we could get it as he uses thin, simple fonts.

Robbie Williams Escapology Album Cover E.g. of Robbie Williams font

For the images of the couples for each generation we used the gradient tool to fade out the edges. We kept the front cover in colour but changed the younger generations to black and white to symbolise that they are from a longer time ago and are the eldest generation when they were younger.

We did not use this image as our final one after conducting more research into digipaks we realised that a convention of them is to have the image fitting the entire front cover, not how we did it with it only a partial image. When we were creating our digipak we were trying to follow examples such as Linkin Park by having the front and back covers as the same scene but one taken from the front and the other from behind. However we received some feedback that in this case it was not working and also there was a lack of layering and effects.

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