Tuesday, 28 February 2012

GM - Magazine Ad draft 2

This is the 2nd draft for our mgazine ad. Since the last one we have changed:
  • the background
  • the presentation of the date
  • we have removed the image of the product we are advertising
  • altered the text that accompanies the product
  • added a list of his number ones
  • Changed the layout of Robbie and Regeneration
By using only 'Robbie' instead of 'Robbie Williams' we are developing the conventions of magazines ads that we have researched.

We no longer need the image of the digipak itself because there is a clear connection between the two, in this case with Robbie leaning on the 1 which has replaced the lampost that is seen in the digipak.

We showed it to the same audience as the previous draft to see if the reactions of our primary and secondary audiences were the same as last time.


  1. text still an issue
    ltd edtn vinyl
    cd/digiapk featuring....
    stick wi just no 1s


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