Thursday, 13 October 2011

ALL - Marking an A2 music video

George Scaife
Men at Work - Down Under

Research and Planning:


The research into similar products and potential target audience are proficient. The initial  work he did over the summer is very brief with lack of detail however the following posts on tracks include more information and are of more use to final product. 

There is excellent organisation of actors, locations, costumes or props through out his blog, it was blogged on multiple posts. 

There is excellent work on shortlists, layout, drafting, scripting and storyboarding. All the planning is on multiple pages and as ideas have changed re-drafts have been evidenced. 

Judging his time management from his blog it is proficient. This is because some research such as on the new wave genre was done in March just before the ancillary text and the evaluation questions, personally I feel this is too late. 

The level of care in the presentation of research and planning was mainly basic with some proficient, the majority of the posts were text with a lack of illustration of ideas, however when images, videos and other multi media methods are included they are relevant to the post. There is no links list so it is very hard to find specific posts. 

There is proficient skill in the use of digital technology or ICT in the presentation. A variety of multi media techniques have been used but the presentation of the posts are all in one automatic font and there is limited evidence of the editing of font size and style. 

There is basic communication skills through his research and planning because it is very hard to locate things and it isn't very user friendly.

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  1. as noted on Jess', pretty accurate and good detail


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