Monday, 17 October 2011

GM - Bradford Film Festival

On the 6th October I attended the Coop Film Festival in Bradford. Whilst I was here I attended a 'Final Cut for beginners' session. Although the majority of it I already knew and perhaps the intermediate level may have been more appropriate for me I learn a few more complex techniques that I had not been shown in class time.

I learnt;

  • That when inserting a clip into the timeline you don't have to just use the 'replace existing' option, there is a variety of other selections you can make including 'insert with transition' which I am more likely to use when creating my music video.
  • A few short cuts
    • the 'a' key jumps to the curser (on the right hand side toolbar)
    • the 'b' key selects the razor tool (on the right hand side toolbar)
    • to render, hold down 'cmd' with 'r' with the clip highlighted in the timeline
  • The 'pen' tool (on the right) can be used for fade in and out...ducking
  • In the top right hand side box (where the clip is dragged to to insert it) along the play bar there is a scale bar (scrubbing) which slows the clip right down. This would be extremely useful to ensure that the sound starts at the correct point (good for when I will need to lipsync my video)
  • 'Toggle clip overlays' to move sound
  • Overlap - linked selection (middle right). Cut the clip, extend the sound then adjust the length of the other clip. This means the audio will continue after the 1st clip is offscreen.

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