Friday, 28 October 2011

JT - Codes and conventions of music video

Codes and Conventions of Music Videos

Hip/Hop & Rap - Stereotypical good looking girls, Money, Big flash cars, Big Houses/mansions, fish eye lense, Alcohol/partying, Clubs, Bling/flash jewellry and are normally narrative or performance based videos

Indie Band - Based on live stages, dressed in the stereotypical indie way eg jeans, long hair and are quite performance based
Boy band - performance based, clips of concerts, screaming girl fans, dance routines, soft editing and shows a protagonist girl

Heavy Metal - Mosh pits, dark clothing, screaming, Head banging and are all performance/narrative based
R 'n' B - glamourised, jewellry, mostly narrative/image based, dancing and revealing outfits

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