Friday, 27 January 2012

ALL - Rough Cut 2 Feedback

Audience: We showed this version of the rough cut to members of our A2 media class (all aged 17/18years old). This is an ideal audience to show the rough cut to because it fits within our primary target audience for the music video of 15-24year olds. 

Rough cut generation 2 feedback
  • New MP3 to stop clicking
  • Wobble with camera on cake making shot
  • 'Very corny in a good way" - Ben Hudson
  • Cut down shots
  • More variation further on 
  • Walkie talkie bit very good - boy in bed/girl in bed as well
  • Edit out shaky footage - freeze frame, slow motion
  • Blackberry 
  • Painting too young for 14 years old - 12 years old instead
  • Birthday cards for each generation
  • PS2 car game and controller
  • Sync robot scene too track 

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