Thursday, 5 January 2012

ALL - Target Audience

Jess and I decided to see if our interpretations of our audience were correct. This is an excersise we completed to see if we were aiming for the correct target audience with our music video and ancillary texts. We created a power point with 4 images of male solo artists Olly Murs (2010-2012), Justin Timberlake (1990-2012), James Blunt (2005-2012) and George Michael (1980-2012). Also on the quiz was Robbie William's first album cover and his most recent album cover. We then showed it to examples from our primary and secondary target audeince catagories.

The video shows that our views on our products' target audiences were right. Leah (18) managed to get everyone except James Blunt and George Michael and Robbie's latest album. Jan (40-50) managed to guess George Michael and Robbie's latest album cover. Miss Haigh (40-50) guess everyone single one except She didn't remember Justin Timberlake and Robbie's first album cover. Although this is a small sample of people and ages/gender, we think that this represents our audiences enough. They all guessed which one's we thought they would and this is how we devised our products to match them. 

From this we concluded that our primary target audience is definately for girls aged 18-24 years old and a secondary audience of older adults who are perhaps original followers of Robbie from his time in take that and when he first launched his solo career.

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