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JT - Robbie Williams' Profile in 2011

'Since 2011, Take That have set the new record for the fastest selling tour of all time in the UK, beating the previous record set by their Circus Live Tour in 2009,[12] won best British group,[13] and have become Amazon's best-selling artist of all time. In 2011, Take That's song Love Love was chosen as the theme song for the film X-Men: First Class and later, When We Were Young was chosen as the main theme for The Three Musketeers movie. Both tracks come off the EP Progressed.'

In 2011 Robbie Williams was back in Take That, They announced in 2010 that they would have a UK tour, the biggest they have ever done called Progressed. As soon as the tickets got released all major ticket suppliers to crash or become slow, even the telephone networks has problems as there was such a demand for tickets. The tour has broken records for ticket sales, selling over 1.1million tickets in one day.  In July 2011 they had a record breaking 8 nights in London's Wembley Arena. During this tour Robbieperformed hits from his solo career. They then went on to play across Europe for the second part of their tour. 

Robbie joined Gary Barlow at the judges houses for the 2011 X Factor. He helped Gary chose his final four to go through to the live stages. I watched this and you can tell he was happy, he seemed the cheeky chappy he used to be but was serious in the right places.

On 15 and 16 July 2011, Take That were scheduled to perform two sold-out concerts in CopenhagenDenmark as part of their Progress Tour. Unfortunately, the day after the first concert, Robbie announced that he had acquired a stomach infection and (despite treatment attempts) was unable to take part in the concert. Due to this, the entire event was cancelled, leaving thousands of fans in frustration. This was the first time Take That ever cancelled a concert. It was not rescheduled.[119][120]Williams launched a radio show titled Radio Rudebox on 6 October 2011 where he played music and interviewed Gary Barlow.[123]In June 2011 Robbie Williams revealed that he has been working with Gary Barlow on a new solo album which will be released late 2011. It was also announced that the album will be produced by Barlow.[121]Robbie confirmed on his official site that he will be doing a new duet. Rumors so far have included artists such as Adele and Adam LambertOn October 21, 2011 Robbie Williams announced that he had signed with Universal Music, following his departure from his previous record label EMI in 2010. He said in a statement, "I'm really thrilled to be joining the Universal family at what I think is the most exciting time in my career." The singer's forthcoming ninth studio album is set to be released during the autumn of 2012.[124]

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