Thursday, 10 November 2011

ALL - Costume and Props

The majority of our scenes will only require everyday clothes, warm for the outdoor parts. However we will need 3 similar fancy dress outfits (we are flexible to this as long as they get more revealing as the couples age), a long black coat for the male posing as Robbie, candles and cake, cardboard box for the toy car, tv, paint and flour. These will all be easily accessible.
  • Everyday Clothes

  • Wii and Mario Game

  • Fancy Dress

  • Warm Wooly clothes

  • Long black coat

  • Beard?
  • Condensed window

  • Pen and paper

  • Car

  • Candles and Cake

  • Card board box

  • TV

  • Paint

  • Flour

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  1. this post sums up a major blog issue: far too many posts lack illustration or other multimedia
    the topic for this is quintessentially visual, and pics also of existing vids to help justify some choices (or show what you're aspiring to at this stage) would be useful (and again later for Eval)


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