Monday, 7 November 2011

ALL - Media Language

Codes and Conventions of Music Videos

  • Hip/Hop & Rap - Stereotypical good looking girls, Money, Big flash cars, Big Houses/mansions, fish eye lense, Alcohol/partying, Clubs, Bling/flash jewellry and are normally narrative or performance based videos
  • Indie Band - Based on live stages, dressed in the stereotypical indie way eg jeans, long hair and are quite performance based
  • Boy band - performance based, clips of concerts, screaming girl fans, dance routines, soft editing and shows a protagonist girl
  • Heavy Metal - Mosh pits, dark clothing, screaming, Head banging and are all performance/narrative based
  • R 'n' B - glamourised, jewellry, mostly narrative/image based, dancing and revealing outfits
Differences between Genre and Format

Format is the presentation of the information, for example music video or film opening, however each of these formats split into genres, for example, for msic, Pop, R'n'B, Chick flick and Horror

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