Wednesday, 28 September 2011

GM - Group video pitch

The track that I pitched for the class music video was Rockstar by Nickelback. It was released in 2005 and is directed by Dori Oskowitz. The band is well known for they're contributions to the rock genre. I chose this song because the existing video is shots of both celebrities and non celebrities lip syncing the lyrics.

My idea was to recreate this music video but using members of the class. Some of the filming would have to be done in various areas of school due to time constraints but if time allowed sections of ilkley such as the park and outside the library could replace the famous landmarks that are used in the original music video. Below you can see the ideas that I pitched to the class.

The pitch that the class voted for was Hello by Martin Solveig.

Martin Solveig  (Hello) from miguel moraleda on Vimeo.

This was Tom's idea which involved pretty much copying the existing music video. He visioned setting up a doubles tennis match with one team dressed brightly eg in tutus and the other in serious tennis kit. There would be some controversy and one player would give up on winning the match as the girl he loves is kissed by someone else.

We filmed all of it in school which is due to the time constraints we had but as far as possible everybody in our media class had a part.
The strengths of this remake are:
  • Everybody dressed up and had a good time
  • All required shots were got in the time we had
  • We have included a wide variety of angles and shots
  • Everybody got involved
  • Once we were organised we worked well as a team with good communication
However there are also some weaknesses:
  • There was a lack of call sheet and storyboard which meant we were slightly unorganised at the beginning until everyone knew what was required of them in the production process
  • On the day that we planned to film the tennis nets on the school courts weren't set up which resulting in us having to delay filming
  • It took a while to gather the required props
  • Our main issue was not having enough time although despite this we did get a good range of footage that is suitable to use
Some improvements that we would make next time and will be taking into consideration for our individual productions are:
  • Spend more time on planning and organisations
  • Use time more efficiently
  • Cast more people so more people have a role rather than participants having to double up as characters
I filmed with Tom, whose initial idea it was, and this is our final edit. I did most of the editing as I was prepared to use my frees and spare time outside of lessons so I did the first sections of it. In the lessons Tom did the end parts.

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