Friday, 1 July 2011


I am working in a group with Jess, Jem, Ben and Conor. Together we chose to make a music video for the song 'I feel free' by Cream. We chose this song because it is simpler, easier and as a group we came up with the most and best quality of ideas that are possible to develop. Our task is to create a video which re markets the track towards a more modern audience, rather than the older generation that watched it when it was first released.

Basic background of the band

  • Cream are a 1960s British rock group, consisting of Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker.
  • They focused on the hybrid of blues rock, hard rock and psychedelic rock
  • The group have sold over 35million albums
Our ideas
  • A barbershop quartet band (influenced by 'Glee')
  • The threesome performing in the background as a narrative takes place as the main focus of the shot
  • A birds eye view shot of someone looking up to the camera with their arms out, spinning round
  • The band members running through long grass
  • A sped up sequence of clouds moving in the sky to symbolise freedom
  • If we have time to use costumes it will be in a hippie style
  • Driving through an arcade of trees watching them flit past as if you are looking out of the window as you pass them
  • As the section of drums begin to kick in then all 3 band members will jump through a door.
  • The group with my clicking and humming then at certain points on the song when the lyrics come in they will point to an extra who will stand up and join in singing 'I feel free'
Location(s) - We will be filming in and around school, using the 6th form centre and various sections of bankings around the grounds.
Casting - Jem, Ben and Conor will be the members of our barbershop quartet but extras will be used for some of the other sections of the video.
Time Factors - We will be using various locations around school so we will be able to have multiple shoots.
Mise-en-Scene - The boys in the band will all be wearing black t-shirts and jeans.
Choreography - The members of the band will be clicking, tapping and humming during the beginning sequence of the song. In other parts they will be running, swirling and spinning in the long grass.
Lighting - We will be using only natural lighting, and hopefully sunlight!

What we learnt

This task got us to grips with using the HD cameras, this was a big step up from AS because the technology was a lot better and gave us a better quality result. Once we had practiced with them, there were therefore easier to use and prepared us for next years music video task. This was a good task because it showed us how fast pace a music video should be and how tightly cut the editing should be. It was our first time using Final Cut to create something like this which again helped us to get familiar with the software and play around with different effects.
Here is our final product

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