Sunday, 10 July 2011

Media at A2

This year in media I create and present a range of productions for my coursework. My music video is the main item but supporting this is a digipak cover for the single and a magazine advert for the digipak.

I will be filming my music video using a HD camera. It has a wide angled lense and the image is much clearer. There will be a huge improvement from last year in the quality of my product due to this technology.

My video will be edited using final cut. This software has a number of advantages over iMovie which I used for my last piece of coursework. It has a wider variety of effects that can be added over a clip, changes in the colour of the clip, easy tracker tools for each of the individual clips making them easier to split and alter, and the option of builing up layers using a variety of shots. [for more info please view more recent post on what I learned on Final cut at the Bradford Film Festival]

This year it is all more complex software but it will allow the production of a top quality product.

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