Tuesday, 13 March 2012

JT - Rough Cut 5 feedback

Audience: We showed this version of the rough cut to members of our A2 media class (all aged 17/18years old). This is an ideal audience to show the rough cut to because it fits within our primary target audience for the music video of 15-24year olds. 

  • Extreme long take of Jack at the begining, zoom in, cut to a shot of him walking, it doesnt have to be lip syncing
  • She's the one: focus on girls, split screen?
  • First two performance shots, on screen far too long and too much
  • second performance: fade to black, cross disolve?
  • Fade to black into instrumental section
  • Layer performance
  • Jack agaisnt the lampost, do it to the beat, use empty half, c/u of singers face or boy and girl either side
  • Kids on too long eating cake mixture
  • greater variation of robbie
  • flying: slow down, ghosting effect (trailing), animated zoom
  • Blowing out candles, what comes next, zooming into candle
  • more multiple layer
  • More shot variation
  • Split screen - (1,2,3,4), pop up one by one
  • link all candles
  • Jack sat on rocks: more shots of it, to break up performance, jumping off the rock-flying
  • look through all Jacks footage, see if we can get any to break up the video
  • Jack on rocks, on too long
  • pace and variation

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