Thursday, 1 March 2012

GM - Digipak draft 4

During the creation of this we happened to be researching one more aspect of Robbie and found that on his Greatest Hit albums there is normally around 19 tracks listed whereas on ours there was only 10. After seeing this for the next draft we have added some more songs to the tracklisting. We also realised that a convention of a digipak is on the DVD to have exclusive gig footage whereas the Live at Knebworth that we chose was released as a DVD on its own. Because of this we have found a new exclusive performance session and changed it to this instead. We showed this to our teacher who is part of our secondary audience and an original follower of Robbie Williams, remembering his time in Take That and when he first launched his solo career.

New back cover:

We have also created a spine for the digipak.

This is the first draft of the middle panels we have.

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