Tuesday, 17 April 2012

ALL - Magazine Ad Draft 4

This is our final mag ad. After doing the improvements suggested, for example, adding spaces and making the Facebook and Twitter pages for Robbie's, we think this is a lot better before.

Overall this works a lot better, the text is better lined and the font works well. There is enough detail to tell the audience what they want to know. It will relate to our primary audience which is 15-25 females because there is still the attractive Robbie and the link between the music video and the big 1 will relate to all audiences that have seen the video.

We showed this nearly complete version of the magazine advert to both A2 media students (aged 17/18years old) who fit within our primary target audience of 15-24years old but also to some adults at home who fit within the secondary target audience of original Robbie followers who will remember his time in Take That and when he first launched his solo career.

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